Finding the Best CCTV Camera for Home

CCTV Cameras are the eyes of your CCTV system, and Hi-Tech Solutions have a broad range of CCTV cameras available to ensure the clarity and flexibility your surveillance and security systems require.

We can provide every type of security camera needed; please see below for our extensive range including body, dome, infra-red, weatherproof, PTZ and IP Cameras. Our camera range is suitable for any application including homes, retail shops, hotels, schools, and vehicles.

We offer a broad range of CCTV Camera Systems which mainly used for security surveillance and remote observation. Our range of CCTV camera systems caters to wide usage in applications related to VVIP locations, banks & financial institutions, offices, showroom and much more. Also, our range includes:

  • Color & B/W cameras
  • Audio/ video sequencers
  • Quad splitter units
  • Video motion detection systems
  • Real time & time laps-SVHS VCR’s hard disc recorder’s video distribution
  • Booster amplifiers
  • Video monitors
  • Lenses manual iris
  • Motorized
  • Range extenders
  • Many others


Cameras become stolen, and you may sneak up on them if placed on the wrong site. Security cameras can function as a proactive approach to avoid crime before it happens. Some security cameras can be utilized in Malls like traditional CCTV security cameras and what is better than CCTV is IP security camera on account of their marvelous advantages like accuracy and the high resolutions that they can deal with. Understanding your security needs for your house or domestic property will guarantee you do purchase a camera or surveillance system which is both the system which is most suitable for you at the price that you're able to afford to pay.

When it is small or big, security is currently an important requirement for each company. It is crucial to consider security seriously in today. Opting to go with an alternative to a Brinks home security process is an excellent idea for virtually any homeowner interested in raising their security.

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