Prominent Services



Hi-Tech Solutions is equipped with the latest technology available to make a significant impact on your enterprise. You tell us what do you need from your technology and we'll explain options and recommendations in a clear, concise and simple way. Hi-Tech Solutions can also extend the life cycle of older technology by making little changes to improve its performance and reliability. When hardware, software, or network issues do arise, Hi-Tech Solutions has a staff that can be deployed rapidly, almost always on site in well under an hour - if the issue cannot be resolved sooner with remote access. We can further minimize the chance of IT-related issues occurring by analyzing your company's entire IT system, and looking at ways to achieve higher up time from your network and greater productivity from your team.

Network Design:

We specialize in creating functional, efficient, and reliable networks, for small businesses up to large multi-site organizations, with a focus on maintaining the integrity and security of your data.

Web Design and Programming:

Our web designing team has years of experience designing modern and functional websites, whether it's a small mobile-optimized website or a fully customized content management system or E commerce store website, Hi-Tech Solutions can provide solutions for a wide variety of projects.